SiteTie Webrings

Sitetie LogoWhat is a Webring?
As the word and the logo suggest, a webring is circle of websites, all linked together in a chain. Hence the reason for the name of this website ‘Site Tie’.

Each website in the ring installs a simple two-line table of hyperlinks that allows visitors to go to the next site in the chain, a previous one, or to choose one at random.

Webrings are a way for people to discover your website after visiting someone else’s. Which site comes up is a ‘lucky dip’ and there is no way you can predict which one you will be sent to.

Webrings were invented in the very early years of the Internet, when promoting your website was a very difficult process. Now, some 25 years later, they are arguably more important than they were back then. There are millions more sites and you have enormous competition. Belonging to a webring increases your chance of being found.

Webring by Category
As you can imagine, if all the sites were in one ring, then your site would rarely come up. Also, your site may only be about cars for example, so you wouldn’t want to be in a chain of sites about movies.

To increase your chances of being found, you can choose a webring from a list of preset categories. The categories are still fairly broad, otherwise you would go insane trying to decide which one is best for you. Being too refined would also mean less sites in the ring, making it rather pointless.

What a Webring Looks Like
Every ring has exactly the same two lines of links, regardless of which category it is in. The link targets will merely point to sites only in that ring. The image below is what you will see:

Sitetie Webring Service

The image shows the table full size at 250 pixels, which means it will fit on any device, even a mobile phone in portrait view. There are no graphics, Javascript code or anything else that will hurt or slow down your website. It is simply text and hyperlinks. You can modify the design if you need to, to fit in a blog sidebar for example.

Where are the Webrings Hosted?
All the rings are kept on this website. The list of sites for each ring is merely a single file of website addresses. There is no database to be hacked and no way for anyone to read the file. No information about you is stored on the website.

Traditionally, each webring was owned by a ‘Ringmaster’ who maintained the list of sites. With this system, everything is controlled from one central point. Once you add the ring code to your site, it is ‘set and forget’. Sites will be added here, not on your website. There is no list of sites to look at. The whole point is to make everything simple and a game of chance. It is designed to be fun to participate in, while giving you free promotion.

Each site in the ring benefits because their site would also be found from a ring link on someone else’s site. Everyone has an equal chance of being found.

Sounds Like Fun. How do I Join?
Hopefully, the concept appeals to you. If you already know how webrings usually work, or if I’ve explained the idea well enough, you can see how simple and beneficial Sitetie can be in getting your website found amongst the millions out there.

Take a look at the available categories, pick one, then fill out the join form. I will send you the code to install and once you let me know it’s working, I will add your site to the ring. Remember, this is supposed to be fun as well as useful, and designed to have minimal effect on your page layout. You can read some of the pages on this site if you want to learn more about how it works and the history of webrings.